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Herp Gießereitechnik GmbH provides engineering, manufacturing and installation services for complete cupola furnace plants as well as for single components of such systems. Besides the supply and installation of complete new plants the modification and optimization of existing cupola furnace systems is our special area of activity.

Established in businessof copula construction for 50 years

Herp Gießereitechnik GmbH was founded by the two shareholders and actual managing directors Mr. Rolf Hengstenberg and Mr. Frank Wondra in the beginning of 2010 as the following company of Herp Industrieanlagen GmbH. Both of them have been working in leading positions at Herp Industrieanlagen GmbH.

Herp Industrieanlagen GmbH was managed by the single shareholder Dipl.-Ing. Bernhard Prazeniak and evolved out of company Freier Grunder Eisen- & Metallwerke GmbH, which was investigating cupola technology already in the 1920 ths. At Freier Grunder Eisen- & Metallwerke GmbH Mr. Prazeniak was the leader of the cupola development and construction department. Thus, practically spoken, Herp Gießereitechnik GmbH can look back on over 50 years of experience in the field of cupola furnace development and construction.

Herp Gießereitechnik GmbH is running its technical construction office at Alte Poststraße 1 in 57258 Freudenberg – Germany. The global field of operation is mainly concentrated on central europe.

Our business activities involve complete hot and cold blast cupola furnace systems including raw material handling, charging, cupola and gas cleaning units (wet & dry) as well as all other additive subsystems such as blast air and oxygen injection, shell and tueyere cooling, holding furnaces and systems for slag granulation (wet & dry).

The technical bandwith of our coke-fired cupola furnaces ranges from smaller cold blast units on the base of daily refractory renovation and a melting rate of 3 t/h over cold blast longterm furnaces with oxygen injection to larger hot blast cupolas equipped with integrated waste heat recovery and achieving a melting rate of up to 100 t/h.

Our well experienced team of technical experts will help you to design your specific cupola furnace system based on the local, technical circumstances always aiming to the economical and energetic optimized melting process paired with a high level on melting flexibility and process reliability.

In order to handle turn key projects with a global perspective to a greater extend Herp Gießereitechnik GmbH is linked to a reliable network of numerous partners in the area of mechanical manufacturing, design and programming of control systems as well as electrical and mechanical installations.

From consultingto commissioning

We are a technical engineering office in the area of system design and component supply for the iron foundry industry. In our customer relations we act a serious and reliable partner in terms of a general contractor on a turnkey base as well as a component supplier for existing systems. In this background our main activities are the following:

Engineering, supply, installation and commissioning
  • Raw material handling systems
  • Charging systems
  • Cold blast cupolas
  • Hot blast cupolas
  • Cooling systems (Tueyere- and shell colling)
  • Systems for oxygene injection
  • Holding furnaces
  • Fixed siphons and exchangeable siphons for cupolas
  • Liquid iron handling systems
  • Slag granulation systems
  • Flue gas cleaning systems
  • Heat recovery systems
Consulting services
  • Melting process related consulting
  • Energetic consulting
  • Metallurcial consulting
  • Economic efficency calculations
  • Inspection activities
  • Certification activities
  • Approval procedures (acc. to BImSchG)

Let usconvince you

Engineering, supply and installation of a hot blast cupola furnace (30t /h)

Engineering, supply and installation of a radiation based recuperator for hot blast heating

Engineering, supply and installation of a cupola furnace charging system (8 t/h)

Engineering, supply and installation of a rough dust separator for a hot blast cupola furnace system (30 t/h)

Engineering, supply and installation of flue gas cooler for a hot blast cupola furnace system (25 t/h)

Engineering, supply and installation of raw material handling system for a cold blast cupola furnace system (12 t/h)

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HERP Giessereitechnik GmbH
Alte Poststraße 1
57258 Freudenberg
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Telephone: +49 2734 - 20018
Telefax: +49 2734 - 489563
Email: info@herp-giessereitechnik.de
Dipl.-Ing. Frank Wondra
Email: frank.wondra@herp-gmbh.de

Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Hengstenberg
Email: rolf.hengstenberg@herp-gmbh.de
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